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K.5 - "Goldrush" 3.75mm. 11.2 carat total weight in a 14k gold setting. $1,800.


K1 - "Montana Blue" 4.1mm. matched blue sapphires. 14 ct. total weight. 14k gold $3,600.



L.4 - "Alpine Meadow." 4.1mm. Intense,varied color sapphires in a custom designed sweep of color, from pale green to yellow to deep teal. 14 ct. total weight. 14k. gold $3,200.


K.2 - "Legends" 6x4mm. Deep blue ovals. 7.5 ct. total weight. 14k gold $2,800.



L.2 - "True Blue" , 4.5mm. Beautiful, deep clear blue sapphires , matched to perfection for color, 16 ct. total weight. of royal blue brilliance. $6,500.


K.3 - 5x7mm. teal ovals. 5.25 ct. total weight. $1,600.



L.5 - 3.75mm. Lovely clear blue sapphires in a custom matched sweep of sparkling blue. 9.8 ct. total weight. $3,000.



L.3 - "Alpine Meadow" 4.5mm. Intense,varied color sapphires in a custom designed sweep of color, 16 ct. total weight. $4,200.

Welcome to Studio Montana Sapphire Jewelry Bracelets pages, with more beautiful and unique bracelets.

Studio Montana carries one of the finest and largest collections of sapphire jewelry in the country. All in a dazzling array of colors and at substaintial savings with our "mine to market" pricing.

To find out more or place an order, call us in Montana: 406 227 3541

e-mail: jack@studiomontana.com

FAX: 406 227 3747

Shop Montana! We accept Visa, MasterCard, Check or Money Orders $10.00 shipping and handling jewelry. $5.00 shipping and handling loose gems.

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