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Welcome to our Studio Montana Loose Sapphire Discount pages. Eye clean Montana Sapphire at reduced prices.


About Our Loose Sapphires: We have a very large inventory of loose cut Montana sapphire, some of which we are now making available over the internet at remarkably low discount prices for stones that are exceptionally clear and very well cut. All of our sapphires are guaranteed eye-clean. You will discover they go well beyond that in terms of of absolute brilliance and clarity. We urge you to shop around and see for yourself if you can find this quality at a better price.

Basic Montana Blue: predominantly medium to dark blue with deep green undertones, very typical of Montana sapphire.

Teal: a rich blend of blue-green with strong green highlights. This is another characteristic Montana sapphire and one that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Steely Blue: medium to medium-light blue with a touch of gray, sometimes referred to as "denim" blue.

Light Blue: also powder blue and pastel blue. Accents the absolute clarity of the stone.

Light Green: also lime green and pastel green. An enchanting color that also emphasizes the clarity of the stone.

Light Yellow: also sunshine yellow and pastel yellow. Dazzling, delicate and again, wonderful clarity.

Platinum: clear to pale white with just a hint of blue or gray. Beautiful set in white gold.

Bi-colors: rarely seen in the commercial market, bi-colors can be some of the most fascinating and lovely of all sapphire. They generally come in blue and yellow, green and yellow or blue and orange but may also run the spectrum of possibilities.

These are just some of the variations found within the color spectrum of this lovely precious gemstone. Brillant blues from royal to cornflower, pale pinks, mauves and rose colors, vibrant deep pinks and ruby, as well as the rare padparadsha, a name that originates from India and refers to the color of the lotus flower.

The gems illustrated are samples. We have many more in various sizes,cuts, and colors. Specific requests are welcomed.

The lots shown on this and the following page are sold in bulk, generally six stones per package. Please call for prices.

All sales and inquiries call direct to our Montana location. Phone (406) 227-3541 or e-mail us at jack@studiomontana.com.

Basic Montana Blue Rounds

Sample #1/R: Basic Montana Blue. 4.3-4.5mm, approx. carat weight each --.45.

4.6mm to 4.8mm, approx carat weight--.54.



Teal Rounds

Sample #2/R: Teal. 4.3-4.5mm, approx. carat weight each-- .45.

4.6mm to 4.8mm, approx. carat weight each--.54.


Light Blue Rounds

Sample #3/R: Light Blue. 4.3-4.5mm, approx. carat each--.45.

4.6mm to 4.8mm, approx. carat weight-each--.54.


Light Green Rounds

Sample #4/R: Light Green. 4.3-4.5mm, approx. carat weight each--.45.

4.6mm to 4.8mm, approx. carat weight each--.54.


Sterling Silver and Sapphires

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To find out more or place an order, call us

in Montana:

Tel: 406 227 3541

FAX: 406 227 3747

e-mail: jack@studiomontana.com

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Satisfaction Gauranteed.

Braclelet samples from our Sapphire Jewelry pages

Studio Montana also offers you one of the finest and largest selections of sapphire jewelry in the country.

Sapphire Jewelry

All in a dazzling array of colors and at substaintial savings with our "mine to market" pricing.

More Loose Sapphire

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